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General Business
Car Clinic has been catering to all the motoring needs of our customers since 1978, such as panel repairs, mechanical, electrical and full restoration of vehicles. We specialise in service and regular maintenance jobs for all vehicles, both Indian and Imported, as well as complete mechanical jobs, including; suspension, brakes, differentials, power steering, and engine building. Our expertise spans from fabricating to replacing parts on all vehicles, both Indian and high end. Additionally we also do panel beating/painting and full repaint jobs for our in house customers.


We also have relationships with firms for music system work, tyre replacements, 3M professional interior and exterior cleaning - polishing - upholstery work (tailor-made seat covers from leather and artificial leather) - and air conditioning repairs. All work is done under our own roof at the Car Clinic workshop with the exception of air-con work only.


Performance Upgrades


As a result of improvement in technology over the years, the focus of the business has evolved to include performance improvement of vehicles. This was due to the current management of the company being actively involved in competitive racing. We now offer all the above services and specialise in custom build for performance and racing.


Our passion for performance upgrades includes; turbo setups, NOS, air filters, suspensions, brakes, exhausts, cams, cylinder head and remapping. We work in alliance with N1 Racing Equipment, working with them to source all parts. We build circuit racing cars for the National Championship under three categories; (ITC) Indian Touring Championship, (IJTC) Indian Junior Touring Championship, and (SS) Street Stock.


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